About the weekend with master ou

About Master Ou and Pangu Shengong


Pangu Shengong (PGSG) is a simple highly effective & easy to learn method of energy cultivation that improves health, well being, and vitality.  With it's philosophy rooted in kindness, it is designed to absorb the benefifcial energy of the sun & moon and the essential qi of the universe, regulating and enhancing one's life force and immunity.  Thousands of people have used this method to recover from serious health conditions.  Qigong Master, author, poet musician, calligrapher and creator of PGSG, Ou Wen Wei has maintained excellent health for over 40 years and has taught and helped thousands of people to cure their illnesses.  Master Ou will offer PGSG Foundational Classes, Advanced Lectures and Group Healings. 

Healing Sessions


In addition to the regular suite of PGSG classes, Master Ou will dedicate a large portion of the weekend to teaching Advanced Topics to current teachers and other dedicated students.  Group Healing sessions will be offered on July 12th and July 15th with an opportunity to briefly meet with Master Ou one on one to discuss personal health challenges or other topics.

Pangu Yoga & Tai Chi


We are also excited to include Tai Chi Master Vincent Chu's Pangu Tai Chi and Anisha Desai Fraser's Pangu Yoga to our course offerings.